Find your spark.

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Detroit Imagination Works is a grassroots art and outreach organization that helps kids in Detroit explore their creativity and the opportunity it can gain them.




There is a movement of passion and respect for the arts in our city. It is beautiful, inspiring, and creating opportunities for imaginative individuals to use their talents to better themselves and the world around them. We are working to increase awareness and appreciation of the arts through education and outreach. Our goal is to provide experiences that inspire the creative spark in young people, and to encourage the discovery of new talents.


We believe that participation in the arts can improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. We work to increase awareness and appreciation of the arts through education and accessibility. We do this by:

  • Hosting workshops for drawing, painting, music, sculpture, and design.

  • Sharing materials and instruction for hands-on learning and creating.

  • Increasing exposure to visual and performing arts.

  • Creating beautiful and practical art installations that benefit communities and the lives of the students that live in them.

  • Practicing and teaching teamwork, communication, healthy self-expression, and respect.

  • Providing accessibility to explore an array of creative endeavors that some may not usually have access to.

  • Building confidence in young people and motivating them to overcome challenges.

By taking these actions, we help to develop both the imaginations and practical minds of those who may find themselves uninspired, or unaware of the possibilities that could await them. We create a love and respect for the arts that will continue to promote change and healthy self-expression in our youth and communities!